Title: TV Hotelier Anthony Melchiorri Goes “Extreme”
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Permalink: TV Hotelier Anthony Melchiorri Goes “Extreme”
Hotel Impossible host Anthony Melchiorri is back with all new episodes of Hotel Impossible starting October 2. And he’s got a new show too. “Extreme Hotels” is an all new series, launching that very same night at 9pm on the Travel Channel. Glenn and Anthony discuss getting freaked out at a haunted hotel, going to extreme places for extreme experiences, and how this all applies to the mainstream hotel business.

First, Glenn speaks with Adrian Kurre, global head of Homewood and Home2, who gives an update on the race to see which location will be Home2 Suites’ 200th property. What’s your guess? Let us know via @TravelingGlenn on Twitter and Instagram with #RoadtoHome200.

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