Alan Roberts, Global Head, Embassy Suites by Hilton

Alan Roberts, Global Head, Embassy Suites by Hilton

Recorded during the Hunter Hotel Investment Conference, we caught up with Alan Roberts, Global Head – Embassy Suites by Hilton. He talks reinventing a hotel brand to surpass customer expectations, creating a sense of community through people power, how F&B is the new front desk, and expanding a full-service brand in a select service universe. Plus, we learn exactly what he does daily, and how he approaches his career.

But first, Glenn speaks with AirDNA CEO Scott Shatford in an eye-opening discussion on the sharing economy, why Airbnb matters, and how he became an accidental entrepreneur. Shatford started renting out numerous apartments on Airbnb and realized he needed great metrics to charge people what they’re willing to pay, not what he thinks they may want to pay. So, he invented a way to do it and created a business too. Also discussed: the rapidly changing culture shift that could harm the hotel business.

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