Title: Iconic Orlando Hotelier Harris Rosen; Deconstructing Las Vegas Trends
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Permalink: Iconic Orlando Hotelier Harris Rosen; Deconstructing Las Vegas Trends

Glenn has a wide ranging and fascinating conversation with famed hotelier Harris Rosen. He started on projects such as Disney’s Contemporary and Polynesian Resorts before starting his own company with passion, grit and not much money. The man is simply inspiring. He has more than 5,000 associates, puts kids through college, has started charities and has done so much for his people and his community. This is an incredible story you must hear.

But first, our Vegas is showing. Glenn speaks with Tim Dressen, who has been hosting a Las Vegas focused podcast for more than a decade. Called Five Hundy by Midnight (http://www.fivehundybymidnight.com/fhbm/) it’s a great show focused on a city him and his co-host love. Glenn and Tim hit on all the trends and share the inside scoop on what is new in the city they love. They chat about new hotels that may or not be coming – we’re looking at you Resorts World – their love of Downtown Vegas, new comp drink voucher systems for gamblers and much more.

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