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DENVER (December 14, 2017) — RLH Corporation (NYSE:RLH) today announced the launch of franchiseasysm, a modern approach to franchising for hoteliers. From the online application process with eight simple steps to the all-in fee of 4 percent of revenue, the entire franchising process has been reimagined to appeal to owners of independent hotels or hotels that don’t fit a traditional franchise.


RLH Corporation made signing up for the Country Hearth brand as flexible and simple as possible by creating a designated website ( for hoteliers looking to operate as an independent or under the nationwide Country Hearth brand umbrella. As part of the agreement, RLH Corporation will collect a simple, 4 percent of revenue fee from hotels*, in exchange for access to the company’s property management and reservations system and a distribution network that includes negotiated deals with online travel agents.


Franchiseasy puts the hotelier in charge. Beyond the core features, owners select only the services they need, and choose whether to keep their independent hotel name, establish a new one, or use the company’s nationally recognized Country Hearth brand name and logo.


“Franchiseasy is designed to put hotel owners at ease,” said RLH Corporation Senior Vice President of Digital, Loyalty and Partnerships Leslee Torres. “We are allowing them as much freedom and flexibility as they wish, from what’s included in the franchise agreement to whether they use the Country Hearth brand name or an unaffiliated name. Franchiseasy offers the best of both being part of a hotel company and staying independent.”


The franchiseasy process includes eight simple steps, which prospective hoteliers can complete on either mobile devices or desktop computers. There is a franchise disclosure document, a short application process, an easy-to-use menu option that allows hoteliers to pick and choose from a la carte services for their property, tools that allow them to build the kind of relationship they’re looking for from RLH Corporation, and an approval process.


To learn more about franchising with franchiseasy, visit


*System Fee includes our CRS, PMS, and booking fees; is based on 4% of gross revenue; and excludes taxes. For a complete statement of fees and other important information, please see our current franchise disclosure document, available at


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