Denver, CO (June 3, 2021)- VICTORY Hotel Group (VHG) announces the newly formed group
of veteran hotel executives, investment bankers, and capital partners consisting of LP and GP
equity for hotel asset and hospitality company acquisitions.

Greg Mount, Co-Founder & Partner, “I was cautiously optimistic about embarking on this
endeavor amid the chaos and uncertainty our world is facing coming out of this pandemic,
especially in the travel and hospitality sector, however, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate
time to help position VICTORY Hotel Group as the White Knight to troubled and distressed
owners, operators and lenders to offer hope and possibilities. I am delighted to be re-united with
former colleagues and to lend my support to a most talented team of executives as they lead
the day-to-day activities of the company.”

VICTORY Hotel Group will consist of multiple entities under its umbrella: VICTORY
Hospitality, through a joint venture with Equis Hotels, LLC, will focus on branded mid-scale and
upscale assets providing consulting services for all aspects of hotel operations, management,
receivership, business development, acquisitions, project management and repositioning of
assets. Hay Creek Hotels, in which VHG has taken a majority position, offers an operating and
investment platform with a focus on independent and boutique hotels that are strategically
located in high barriers to entry and drive-in regional destination markets.

Hay Creek Hotels, a 15+ year old company with a portfolio of 23 hotels, 18 restaurants, 4 spas,
and 2 golf courses, will continue to be led by its founder, Norman MacLeod, a hotelier for over
35 years, as well as, Gary Sims, another seasoned industry executive and active partner in
VHG, serving as COO. “I am thrilled to be affiliated and aligned with such a powerful group of
industry experts and successful capital partners that will provide strategic guidance, capital and
ultimately substantial growth, acting alongside owners,” states Norman MacLeod.

The core strength of the company is founded in the team’s capabilities which span a vast range
of experience from Finance, Accounting, Marketing & Sales, Media & Communications,
Technology, Revenue Management, Operations, Project Management and Design. This group
is comprised of individuals with unparalleled reputations and proven track records of success as
innovators and cutting-edge developers. “The VICTORY name was inspired by our determination to win at the highest level against all odds and many obstacles. The companies that can adapt to protect people while still building
the best customer experience will be victorious and accelerate much faster out of this downturn.
We are making great strides getting back to business, seeing travel begin to flourish once again,
and we WILL overcome and succeed as an industry, an industry that this team loves and is
most passionate about,” concludes Greg Mount.

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