Title: ‘Travel Ban’ Side Effect & Hotel Biz Segment Reinventing Stay Expectations
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Permalink: ‘Travel Ban’ Side Effect & Hotel Biz Segment Reinventing Stay Expectations

Glenn is at the Business Travel Show in London and is starting to get concerned about people wanting to come and visit the United States. Travel is the USA’s biggest export and the “Travel Ban” seems to be spooking people about coming to visit the country.

Then Glenn speaks with Sean Worker, President & CEO of BridgeStreet Global Hospitality in an encore interview. Glenn thinks BridgeStreet is on trend with the apartment type a variety of offerings in the middle of great neighborhoods, each geared to a different type of customer. Learn why this company is rapidly growing, how it is nothing like Airbnb and how guest psychographics affect what BridgeStreet does. This very engaging conversation will arm you with lots of sociological information regarding what today’s traveler craves. Are you the perfect customer for these apartments?

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