Title: The Power of Disruption with Frits van Paasschen
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Permalink: The Power of Disruption with Frits van Paasschen

There’s a massive sea change happening in our world, and it goes beyond the worlds of travel and hotels. Disruption is everywhere. We see it in every corner of our lives, but in hospitality, think Airbnb and Uber. In this amazing episode, Glenn speaks with former Starwood and Coors CEO Frits van Paasschen about his new book “The Disruptor’s Feast: How to avoid being devoured in a changing global economy.”

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But first, Glenn speaks with Rebecca Alesia, a travel consultant with SmartFlyer (www.smartflyer.com). They talk everything Walt Disney World. Learn what’s new and upcoming, great vacation strategies and how to prepare for that trip of a lifetime. Also, learn why working with a travel specialist is smarter than going out and planning on your own.

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