Title: Margaritaville’s Crushing It: Here’s How They’re Doing It
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Permalink: Margaritaville’s Crushing It: Here’s How They’re Doing It

Glenn goes back to Margaritaville, this time for a rousing conversation with Tamara Baldanza, CMO of Margaritaville Holdings. It’s the 40th anniversary of the brand and we explore all its permutations from the music and F&B, to its rapidly growing hotel and resort holdings. And yes, even a soon to be built 7,000 home retirement community.

But first, Glenn speaks with Corey Nyman of the F&B consulting firm, The Nyman Group (www.thenymangroup.com). They talk about societal dining trends before drilling down to how it’s expressed in the hotel industry and, in Las Vegas in particular.

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