Title: Hurricane Harvey: Industry Pulls Together, and How YOU can Help!
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Permalink: Hurricane Harvey: Industry Pulls Together, and How YOU can Help!
Today we focus on the impact of Hurricane Harvey and what you can do to help. Glenn speaks with AAHOA Vice Chairman, HP Patel on how the hotel industry is helping those displaced by the storm, and how it is helping fellow hoteliers whose hotels have been destroyed or damaged by the disaster. Glenn also speaks to hotelier Sunny Tolani who reports on how his GMs are helping people affected by the hurricane and subsequent flooding.

Glenn also speaks to Scott Berman, ‎Principal and Industry Leader, Hospitality & Leisure Group at PwC on how the hurricane will affect the hotel industry. They also discuss many industry trends unrelated to the storm.

Hoteliers: Donate room nights to help those displaced here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdDkbm2NEvYdFb7QTJgc-K29B9Qnbcqn-K5gMz0xXgpzTWvGA/viewform?_cldee=Y2hpcmFnQGFhaG9hLmNvbQ%3D%3D&recipientid=contact-1931e0e63faee411941100262d0ca55d-ebf0e764319b4fb18875cb402a00f9eb&esid=ca86e3e6-cd8c-e711-810e-e0071b714b91

Contact AAHOA to give: info@AAHOA.com or call: Phone: (404) 816-5759

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