Title: FelCor’s Tom Corcoran on What You Don’t Know About Hotel REITs
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Permalink: FelCor’s Tom Corcoran on What You Don’t Know About Hotel REITs

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Tom Corcoran helped create the hotel industry REIT, which in turn happened to define how many investors buy hotels today. FelCor is a public company (NYSE: FCH) that owns more than 100 properties. You’ll learn the story of how he and his partner created the business, how Tom got involved in hospitality and how other can follow.  

But first, Glenn speaks with Corey Nyman of the F&B consulting firm, The Nyman Group (www.thenymangroup.com). The group has had an active role working with major hotel brands, restauranteurs, chefs and more that helps set dining trends. In this discussion, the guys go deep to pull back the veneer, all so you can better understand the state of dining in America. Hint: It’s getting rough out there for restaurant owners. 

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