XL Airways Teaches US Airlines Thing or Two

Laurent Magnin, CEO of France based XL Airways is the ultimate aviation enthusiast. His goal is to make us love flying again, so we asked him how he managed to get XL to be the top tourist airline for French Tour Operators under his stewardship. [...]

Special Hotel Security Report: What Now?

A difficult subject to talk about in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, but one that needs to take place. Glenn speaks with Mac Segal, Head of Fixed Site & Hotel Security Consulting with AS Solution. He’s a renowned hotel security expert and we [...]

TV Hotelier Anthony Melchiorri Goes “Extreme”

Hotel Impossible host Anthony Melchiorri is back with all new episodes of Hotel Impossible starting October 2. And he’s got a new show too. “Extreme Hotels” is an all new series, launching that very same night at 9pm on the Travel Channel. Glenn [...]

The Original Celebrity Chef: Todd English

This week, Glenn has one of his most personally gratifying interviews. Todd English helped create the mold for the modern celebrity chef. He’s been a huge fixture and influencer for decades, creating trends we all take for granted . Take food [...]

Debunking Major Minibar Myths

In today’s bonus episode, we speak with Sky Tucker of Bartech Systems International. Glenn gets schooled in minibars and the guys go through all the classic arguments why investing in minibars is a horrible thing to do. Truths revealed about how [...]