Vegas Forges Forward

Corey Nyman, Nyman Group; Kent Harman, Bandito; Bruce Ford, Lodging Econometrics. We focus on the aftermath of the Las Vegas Shooting before moving on happier things. Then we check out Bandito, an Off-Strip Latin restaurant that hits all the [...]

Lodging Conf Wrap Up and Mastering Management

Glenn and Bruce Ford, SVP of Lodging Econometrics analyze the state of the industry and the action at the Lodging Conference. Then, Kim Sims, President, and Chris Green, COO of Chesapeake Hospitality share their company’s 60 year story.

Making the Modern Marriott w Liam Brown, President…

While you may think this will be the type of interview that’s a total sales pitch for some of the Marriott family of brands. It’s not. In this interview we focus primarily on innovation, what it takes to bring giant companies together and lots [...]

We Talk To TSA! Plus, Stuff We Don’t Need in Hotels

We talk to the TSA. It’s too easy to pick on these guys, so we dive deep to chat about what they are really dealing with, the organization’s evolution and future changes and how people should comport themselves in airports. Plus, we roll out a [...]