While international destinations are once again on the radars of U.S. travelers, the number of U.S. households traveling domestically increased slightly in July 2023, as the Omnitrak Travel Market Penetration Index inched upwards to 123.2 (2015=100) – slightly higher than July 2022 (121.0), and even with June 2023 (123.4) index levels.

“Americans are seemingly ‘hard coded’ to travel, to move, to explore and to reconnect,” said Chris Kam, Omnitrak President and COO. “As recessionary and inflation concerns cooled, U.S. households felt more confident in satisfying their quest for travel experiences.” 

“While domestic travel rose slightly in July, this demand was likely moderated by the reopening of travel borders which fueled a +9.9 percent rise in Americans’ outbound international travel in July, according to the National Travel and Tourism Office,” Omnitrak Founder & CEO Pat Loui said.

Compared seasonally, July 2023 travel penetration remains well below historic levels for the month in question, though continues to closely track with 2022 monthly index levels for the sixth month in a row (i.e., February through July).

In contrast to overall travel penetration which trails pre-pandemic levels, Omnitrak’s Leisure Travel Index continued to run above 2019 levels. The Leisure Travel Index, which excludes trips for visiting friends/relatives and for business, incentive and convention purposes, ran at 148.1 in July 2023, well above July 2019 (127.3) and prior month June 2023 (145.6) index levels.

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Omnitrak, founded in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1981, is a leading strategic research firm with a strong presence in the consumer, travel and retail sectors in North America and Asia. Omnitrak works with some of North America’s largest state tourism offices, which subscribe to the company’s TravelTrakAmerica™ tracking research, providing timely monthly insights from 9,000+ U.S. travelers. The company serves a broad array of public- and private-sector clients, helping to grow their markets with Quality of Place/City Pride and Resident Sentiment research. Additionally, destination marketing to develop new products and increase brand loyalty is supported by Omnitrak’s TravelTrakAmerica syndicated research and Integrated Marketing Effectiveness insights. For more information, email: chriskam@omnitrakgroup.com

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