The acquisition of HelloGM further enables MDO to deliver data-driven solutions for the
hospitality industry, equipping hoteliers to operate more efficiently and gain actionable insights
from their data.

ATLANTA, GA., OCTOBER 5, 2023 – MDO, a hotel data platform that centralizes and
operationalizes critical performance and financial data for hotel companies, has bolstered its
back-office automation and business intelligence capabilities with the acquisition of HelloGM.

HelloGM, a centralized data analytics and automation platform, enables hotel operators to
better understand property-level operating performance and automate previously manual
reconciliation tasks. MDO customers will now be able to take advantage of a broader set of
back-office capabilities, while HelloGM customers will benefit from MDO’s paperless night audit
solution and more robust budgeting, forecasting and business intelligence solutions.

“We are thrilled to welcome the HelloGM team and customers to MDO,” said MDO CEO Vic
Chynoweth. “By offering improved reconciliation workflows and efficiencies in hotel accounting
and financing departments, MDO is now delivering solutions across all areas of the hotel back
office. Helping hoteliers with streamlined, centralized operations and data-driven decision-making tools will allow them to focus on what they do best, which is delivering a fantastic guest

Hotel operators face a dire challenge: The costs of staffing and supplying a hotel continue to
rise and resources are oftentimes scarce. As a result, many hoteliers are focusing on finding
creative ways to increase efficiency so they can do more with smaller teams, including
centralizing many of the manual tasks that were previously performed on-property.

Coupled with HelloGM’s capabilities, MDO customers will now be able to automate and
streamline more back-office tasks, helping to offset rising costs and improving the bottom line.

“HelloGM is excited to join MDO, giving our customers access to a broader set of capabilities
and the ability to leverage MDO’s established relationships with industry partners, which will
increase data resiliency and quality,” said Dhaval Chokshi, Co-Founder and CEO at HelloGM.
“We are excited about the opportunity to scale the business while continuing to provide first-
class service to our hotel partners.”

Over the past decade, MDO has evolved from a hotel-specific digital document storage solution
to a holistic hotel data platform serving thousands of hotels. A next-generation business
intelligence platform, announced in 2023, is enabling hotel owners and operators with the data
and analytics they need to improve revenue, profit and guest satisfaction.

About MDO
MDO serves more than 7,000 hotels with a robust hotel data platform, which centralizes and
stores critical performance and financial data for hotel ownership, management groups, and
asset managers. Through integrated data feeds, document workflow management, and data
visualization dashboards, hoteliers are able to reach greater levels of profitability by operating
more efficiently, better serve customers, improve budgeting and forecasting, and reduce their
environmental impact. Learn more at

About HelloGM
HelloGM is a hospitality SaaS company founded by hoteliers for hoteliers. As the centralized
data analytics and automation platform for more than 1,300 U.S. hotels, HelloGM empowers
hospitality operators and executives to automate time-consuming tasks, diminish operator
error and maximize profitability through one integrated platform. HelloGM has detected more
than $6.1 million in discrepancies since the platform launched and analyzes upwards of $2.4 billion in guest folios annually. Today, HelloGM’s user base includes owners, managers, and
executives who operate and oversee portfolios ranging 1-120 properties.

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