December 5, 2023: The International Society of Hospitality Consultants (ISHC) inducted thirty-
five new members in its 2024 membership class and elected new leadership to serve on the
Board of Directors.

Tea Ros, Chair, ISHC Board of Directors, commented, “We are thrilled by the ongoing
development and expansion of our Society. This year’s record number of new members bring
a wealth of international experience, along with fresh skill sets and diverse areas of expertise.
The Board of Directors and our new members exemplify our commitment to expanding
expertise, global reach, and diversity, reflecting the vibrant landscape of the hospitality
consulting industry which we collectively serve. It is a genuine honor to be a part of this
exceptionally talented group of professionals.”

At its core, ISHC’s mission is to contribute to the advancement of its members and the
hospitality industry, cultivating a collegial environment for networking, professional
development, and knowledge exchange, while fostering credibility and integrity. The value
ISHC provides to its members is the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with industry
experts specializing in all disciplines of hospitality, in all parts of the world, through
collaboration, knowledge, and idea exchange. ISHC members are bound by the Society’s
Bylaws and required to adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct.

The Board of Directors that will lead the Society in 2024 are:

•  Chair – Tea Ros, Strategic Hotel Consulting
•  President – Kristie Dickinson, CHMWarnick
•  Vice President – Steve Hennis, Hotelogy
•  Secretary – Ivar Yuste, PHG Hotels & Resorts
•  Treasurer – Suzanne Mellen, HVS
•  Director – Amanda Chivers, Crown Hospitality Consulting
•  Director – Jeff Dover, fsSTRATEGY, Inc.
•  Director – Penny Fondy, Wits End Productions
•  Director – Roger Hill, The Gettys Group
•  Director – Peter Russell, Russell Partnership Technology

Membership in ISHC is by invitation only, and members are viewed as leaders in their
respective areas of expertise. Candidates for membership undergo a rigorous screening
process, ensuring that all ISHC members have a reputation of integrity and are qualified by
their experience, training, and knowledge to develop and express sound judgment on industry

ISHC is composed of individuals, not organizations, corporations, or groups. To be eligible for
full membership, an individual must be an owner, officer, partner, or principal of his or her own
company, or the equivalent thereof, and be qualified by his or her years of experience

ISHC proudly welcomed the following thirty-five new members in its 2024 membership class:

•  CJ Arlotta (Associate), CJ Media Solutions, LLC
•  Shaina Kay Armstrong (Associate), SK Design Studio
•  Dorothy Dowling (Associate), Horwath HTL
•  Cordula Laemmermann (Associate), byCo&Co
•  Wendy Nierel-Bosalavage (Associate), Being Well Collective
•  Rabia Shaukat (Associate), ADSA Consultants
•  Letvia Arza-Goderich, Preston Arza LLP
•  Tareq Bagaeen, aQedina
•  Josh Bowman, Sherin and Lodgen LLP
•  Jim Burns, Resilient Leadership
•  Randy Carroll, CBRE
•  Joe Champ, Champ Hospitality
•  Lena Combs, Withum
•  Nihat Ercan, JLL
•  Mark Gilhawley, MGA

•  Michael Grove, HotStats
•  David Harper, Leisure Property Services
•  Taha Hegazy, Crowe Hegazy CMT
•  Bob Hendricks, Electro-Media Design Ltd.
•  Jo-Anne Hill, JH Hospitality Consulting
•  Robert Holland, RSC Wandsworth
•  Riyan Itani, Global Branded Residences Ltd.
•  Zaynib Khan, Benoy
•  Mark Lomanno, Kalibri Labs
•  Hala Matar Choufany, HVS
•  Sotiros Milonas, MSolutions
•  Molly O’Keefe, The Gettys Group
•  Hernan Passalacqua, Fitzroy
•  Fabian Rodriguez Suarez, FAROS Advisory
•  Rachael Rothman, CBRE
•  Lada Shelkovnikova, Watson Farley & Williams LLP
•  Stowe Shoemaker, UNLV
•  Rodrigo Vargas, Rodrigo Vargas Design
•  Linh Vu, Key Hospitality Consulting
•  Todd Wynne-Parry, Horwath HTL

About ISHC
The International Society of Hospitality Consultants is truly The Leading Source for Global Hospitality
Expertise, represented by over two hundred of the industry’s most respected professionals from across
six continents. Collectively, ISHC members provide expert services in over fifty functional areas and
have specialized skills in virtually every segment of the hospitality industry. ISHC is dedicated to
promoting the highest quality of professional consulting standards and practices for the hospitality
industry. Candidates undergo a rigorous screening process, ensuring that all ISHC members have a
reputation of integrity and are qualified by their experience, training, and knowledge to develop and
express sound judgment on industry issues. Additional information about the organization, along with a
directory of ISHC members, is available on the ISHC website at

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