RESTON, VirginiaApril 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The world of Extended-Stay Accommodations is forever changing. The industry is forced to keep up with the speed of transition as corporate travel struggles to evolve. And it’s telling. Corporate travel has always been on the forefront of technology evolution – yet choices have drastically lagged. BridgeStreet bucked the trend years ago, taking on the financial and reputational risk to push innovation forward.

As each iteration of BridgeStreet’s technology commitment is fulfilled, the industry takes notice. As does talent.  Michael Snapkoski, BridgeStreet’s SVP of Revenue Generation, comments “Last year, we committed to developing the industry’s deepest bench as our technology platform was proven. Claire understands how critical this evolution is to building the strongest solution for Alternative Accommodations and Global Relocation. We are so fortunate to welcome Claire’s dynamic experience and wisdom. After all, it’s our strength of leadership that makes BridgeStreet’s pioneering a reality.”

Claire Barrie is a leader with a proven record of major contributions while developing her notable talents over 15 years. Having observed the sharp changes in travel habits, booking and need for real security (data and otherwise), Claire was attracted to BridgeStreet’s investment in customer-centric experience, enabled by best-in-class technology. Not as a reaction to competition, but as a genuine response to the evolving needs of the modern business traveler – for business travel and Global Mobility.

“Change hasn’t been easy for the Extended-Stay market in recent years. Agile and disruptive entrants have challenged the status quo which has led to a fundamental technological evolution. BridgeStreet confidently embraced technology which enhanced their core promise, guarantee and duty of care – and I’ve seen the market impact. I believe their platform reflects the consciousness of today’s modern traveler and the future of flexible accommodations. There’s an extraordinary opportunity to change business travel and make Global Mobility a rewarding experience.”

Claire continued; “This is a company where I knew I would be supported by a team that’s never satisfied with status quo. We are firmly, and enthusiastically, committed to the positive disruption that we bring to this industry.”

Ms. Barrie will oversee Sales in the EMEA for BridgeStreet, having direct responsibility for the performance and profitability of BridgeStreet’s sales and its standing in the marketplace. Another major focus will be growing the company’s footprint in key markets throughout Europe to connect quality customers with their supplier community.

Claire has held key positions throughout her career including Regional Manager, Sales Director and now Vice President of Sales EMEA with BridgeStreet. She is an expert at developing and implementing Sales strategies, gathering performance data and delivering impressive results for her team. Claire is also respected as a trusted industry advisor and was appointed Supplier Board Director to ITM (Industry of Travel Management) in 2016. She has a Global Mobility Specialist (GMS) designation which is a program developed for Global Mobility and service partners to multinational organsiations. It serves to differentiate industry leaders in the Relocation and Global Mobility sectors, inspiring innovation and growth, whilst attracting and nurturing new talent to the Global Mobility industry.

About BridgeStreet 

With more than 160,000+ ExtendedStay Experiences in over 80 countries, is the first unified technology platform built for business travel offering clients unparalleled access to serviced apartments, homes and extended-stay hotels while providing our supply partner community access to built-in demand from BridgeStreet’s 5000+ client portfolio and 100+ global sales team.  Widely recognized for uncompromising standards of quality and innovative bespoke client services, BridgeStreet is a renowned award winner in both the Americas and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa). BridgeStreet makes it EASY to LIST and BOOK ExtendedStay experiences. For more information about BridgeStreet, please visit or call 800 278 7338/ +44 (0) 20 7792 2222.

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