“As both an event organizer and a hospitality industry executive ‘road warrior’ myself, I can tell you that there is growing demand for event technology that can provide an online version of the multitude of events that we need to attend each year in order to stay relevant,” said Mike Blake, CEO of HTNG (Hospitality Technology Next Generation). “Virtual events are the future of our industry, since they can be used to expand both the attendance and reach of on-site conferences and meetings. With the advancement of digitization, virtual concepts are poised to become the new reality for the hospitality and travel sector.”

UgoVirtual events create an experience inside a digital environment of dedicated rooms and spaces, similar to a physical convention center or corporate campus. Registered attendees can access the event via any internet-enabled desktop, tablet or device to visit various locations and participate in a range of activities, such as live keynotes and breakouts, on-demand sessions, 1:1 chat, social networking, peer collaboration and much more. Any mix of rooms and spaces can be included in the virtual environment, depending on desired activities. Examples include a lobby, information center/help desk, auditorium, lounge, resource center, classroom, video wall, exhibit hall, press room, etc.

The brainchild of a group of hospitality and technology industry veterans with over 80 years of combined experience, UgoVirtual was specifically developed to resolve the pain points of show organizers, as well as hotel professionals who have too many conferences they would like to attend but not enough time or money to attend them all – or to attend all the various sessions, booths, etc. that they need to during the ones they do physically attend.

Having experienced these critical benefits, many top-tier enterprise companies worldwide are increasingly investing in online events for both external and internal interaction and communication. Virtual events allow them to reach previously untapped audiences and create deeper connections, while increasing engagement and retention of event content. They also provide the ability to track event ROI and reduce travel expenses. Attendees of virtual events also tend to connect more often and for longer periods, since the content can remain online after the physical event has ended.

For more information on UgoVirtual’s comprehensive virtual platform for the travel and hospitality market, please visit ugovirtual.com.

About UgoVirtual | UgoVirtual is a comprehensive digital platform exclusively focused on the global hospitality and travel sector that provides virtualization of industry tradeshows, corporate events, meetings and hotel property tours. As technologies like virtual reality, e-learning and web conferencing have converged, the UgoVirtual platform harnesses their combined power to resolve the pain points and challenges of event organizers, exhibitors and industry professionals, making it possible to BE EVERYWHERE. The brainchild of a group of hospitality and technology industry veterans with over 80 years of combined experience, UgoVirtual leverages a proven digital platform that is currently utilized by many of the world’s leading enterprise organizations to virtualize events, provide on-demand content and allow online collaboration and learning environments. For more information, please visit ugovirtual.com and connect with us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

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