Nurture Hospitality Group (NHG™), a US based Company specializing in unique and sensitive hotel guest bathroom amenities with strong social message launched this week. NHG™ has been founded on the principles of WE CARE™ and “Sharing your Values”.


The Company is believed to be the first hospitality guest bathroom amenity supply company in the world that will manufacture 1oz -2oz plastic liquid containers and caps 100% from collected – ocean bound plastics.

The nOcean™ (NO OCEAN) plastics manufactured by NHG™ has the potential to create a paradigm shift within the guest amenity industry; an industry that produces billions of portion size hotel bottles and tubes that are used and often discarded by guests across the world. A percentage of which will end up in waterways and oceans.

“With an estimated 315 billion tons of plastics in the oceans today and growing at a shocking rate of 8 million tons per annum, NHG™ made a conscious decision that having our plastics manufactured from collected, and then processing ocean plastics, was the foundation on which we would build our company and manufacture our liquid containers” says Mr. Adrian Lopez, NHG™ President.

“To read that by 2050 scientists are projecting if we don’t stop the flow of plastics in to our oceans there could be more plastic in the oceans by weight than fish. Fish that ingest these plastic particles and find their way on to our dinner plates and in to our bodies and those of our children” says Mr Lopez.

NHG™ utilized plastics are collected from the beaches and waterways of several less fortunate communities in Haiti and Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

Theses bottles are cleansed and reprocessed into new resins that are then made in to elegant and high-quality bottles, caps and tubes carrying the nOcean™ brand. The nOcean™ bottles and tubes are then filling with premium quality liquids containing many natural – organic ingredients from communities in all 6 continents.

Not only do nOcean products keep plastic from entering our oceans, but by using ocean bound plastics, this also reduces the amount of non-renewable fossil fuels take from the earth to produce plastics.

At NHG™ cares about clean oceans; healthy air; other cultures, where we live; our bodies and future generations. Products with the nOcean brand support these values.   Ph: 800- 741 1070

Nurture Hospitality Group (NHG™) is a company formed by the owners of JYPESA, a company based in Guadalajara in Mexico. JYPESA has been in the design; manufacturing and distribution of guest bathroom amenities to over 19 countries since 1975. As the number one guest amenity company in Mexico and many South American countries, the JYPESA entry in to the USA hospitality guest amenity market via NHG™ has been a vision of the owners for many years and that vision was to launch a company with caring values and a strong social pulse.


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