June 5, 2018 – PORTSMOUTH, NH – According to analysts at Lodging Econometrics (LE), the top countries in the Europe Construction Pipeline by project count are: Germany with 246 Projects/47,927 Rooms, United Kingdom with 246 Projects/36,585 Rooms, and France with 121 Projects/13,618 Rooms. Next, all with 80 projects, is Russia with 80 Projects/15,520 Rooms, Poland with 80 Projects/12,468 Rooms, and Portugal with 80 Projects/8,310 Rooms. These three countries are followed closely by Spain with 79 Projects/11,457 Rooms and Turkey with 70 Projects/11,278 Rooms.

Cities in Europe with the largest pipelines by room count are: London with 78 Projects/13,601 Rooms, Dusseldorf with 39 Projects/8,461 Rooms, Frankfurt with 29 Projects/6,174 Rooms, Hamburg with 27 Projects/5,934 Rooms, Warsaw with 30 Projects/5,916 Rooms, Munich with 26 Projects/5,664 Rooms, Moscow with 25 Projects/5,628 Rooms, and Istanbul with 30 Projects/5,368 Rooms.

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