August 19, 2020 – Austin, Texas – The coronavirus crisis has revealed both strengths and weaknesses in the U.S. hotel industry.

A brand’s strength is found in building value within a product that promises certain levels of service to customers who trust they will have the same positive experience when staying in each of the brand’s hotels.

In the COVID-19 age, the upfront brand promise is ever more important as it assures guests a safe and secure environment at a hotel that upholds the spirit of hospitality no matter the challenges.

But behind the scenes, the pandemic has heightened the dissatisfaction of franchisees over the services franchisors promise to provide to support and grow owners’ businesses and help them realize a return on their investment.

Even before the coronavirus wreaked havoc on the hospitality industry, owners of branded hotels were growing discontented over the relationship with their franchisors. The current economic crisis brought about by the viral outbreak is the tipping point for thousands of franchisees who over the past decade have seen their franchise costs increase while support from brands decrease.

A new hotel company aims to turn the tide for owners.

Advantage Hotels, Inc. (AHI), formed in June 2019, has spent the past few months revamping its franchise model to address the business needs of owners. AHI is dedicated to helping owners continue to generate revenue and profit in these trying times.

To that end, AHI has launched Build A Brand, a program that invites owners to create licensing agreements that best meet their business goals for today as well as tomorrow.

As the coronavirus rages, the future is more uncertain than ever. AHI’s Build A Brand is a solution that enables owners to craft a plan that addresses the realities of today while positioning a hotel to thrive in a new world.

“We have to get ‘back to the future.’ Back to the golden age when franchisees were able to experience true success when partnering with a franchise,” said Patrick Mullinix, a 25-year veteran of hotel franchising who is founder, president and CEO of Advantage Hotels, Inc. “Our company is based on trust, communication and relationships. Those attributes comprise the ethos of our company and make us uniquely different than the rest.”

Build A Brand is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It offers owners flexibility as they build a franchise agreement that meets their needs in their competitive markets. Recognizing that each property is unique, AHI offers short-term agreements as low as one year or lower monthly costs if exit windows are not needed. As an owner, you can choose à la carte from AHI’s comprehensive marketing program because you know what you need to succeed.

“We believe that owners who have a voice, take greater pride in ownership. We listen to owners and give them choices,” Mullinix said.

A new age is dawning in hospitality and AHI is committed to working with hotel owners who strive to provide first-in-class guest service and promote all that’s good about travel.

About Advantage Hotels, Inc.

Advantage Hotels, Inc. (AHI) was formed in June 2019 when industry veteran Patrick Mullinix acquired the brands Vista® and Select Inn® from Advantis Hospitality Alliance. Since then, AHI has added VistaRez Independent Collection®, a support system for independent hotels.

AHI brings state-of-the-art technology to hotel operations, including a property management system by SynXis; a reservation platform by Sabre; and a reputation management program by VenueLytics.

For information on franchising with AHI, visit or call 885-40-HOTEL.

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